Olivier Cariou DOP

Olivier was working as a stills photographer in Paris , but he had a huge interest in moving images. So he started getting on set as a camera trainee and runner when he could and this confirmed to him that Director of Photography was the thing to do. He started to work on music video and commercials with director like Michel Gondry , Stephane Sednaoui , Andrea Giaccobe ,David Lodge, Guy Shelmerdine, Carl Erik Rinsch, Neil Harris, AB/CD/CD, Tomas Mankovsky, Ben Wilson, Charlie Phillips, Noah Harris, Antoine Bardou Jacquet, Ben & Joe Dempsey, Ben Dawkins, Arno Salters, Adam Berg, David Dawoodi, Mini Vegas, Nick Gordon, Lucy Blakstad, Henry Mason, Sam Fell, Terry Hall, Matthias Hoene, Paul Barulis, Pete Salmi, Charles Mehling, Fatima, Adam Powell, Katie Bell, Mike Baldwin, Gaute Hesthagen, Marcus Lundin, Emil Nava, Michael Wong, Benedict Redgrave, Ross Cooper, Eric Coignoux, Bruno Chiche, Belen Gayan to name a few.